The X-Series merge the technologies of 56000 and 72000 modulous carbon, creating an ultra sensitive fast actioned blank with more butt power and lighter tips. All X-Series rods have split grip handles consisting of black HD eva, metal check components and cushioned aero reel seats without foregrips for the ultimate in feel and sensitivity. Guide formations on all X-Series rods have the options of Fuji gunsmoke/Sic, Fuji K Series/Recoil combination or Full Fuji Titanium K Series guides. All guide options are priced accordingly. Scroll down for photo gallery and rod specifications.

Rods in this Series

Spin - with new fuji k series guides in Fuji Sic or Recoil

Model Line Kg Length Piece
X-842sp 2-4kg 7’0 2 Piece
X-820ds 1-3kg 6’10 1 Piece
X-840ds 1-4kg 7’0 1 Piece
X-860ds 1-4kg 7’2 1 Piece
X-843sp 3-6kg 7’0 1 Piece

Spin X - with new fuji k series sic guides only

Model Line Kg Length Piece
x-821ds 3-6kg 6’0 1 Piece
X-812sp 4-8kg 6’9 1 Piece
X-844mb 6-10kg 7’0 1 Piece

Bait - with new fuji sic casting guides

Model Line Kg Length Piece
X-782cb 3-6kg 6’6 1 Piece
X-783cb 3-8kg 6’6 1 Piece
X-812sb 4-8kg 6’9 1 Piece
X-843sb 3-5kg 7’0 1 Piece