The T-Series is the newest premium brand added to the Duffrods stable in 2014. The name T-Series came about as the components of the rod all all about the letter T. The guides all all Fuji KR frame titanium aconite. The reel seat is a custom seat designed around the new Fuji TVSD featuring a black camo fighting butt and small fore grip and a cord uplocking rear grip featuring trim rings. The blanks are the same 56000 and 72000 modulous carbon, as in the sister X-Series. Scroll down for photo gallery and rod specifications.

Rods in this Series

T-series Spin

Model Line Kg Length Piece Handle Action Price
T-820kti 1-3kg 6’10 1 Piece TVSD Fast $595
T-830kti 1-5kg 6’11 1 Piece TVSD Fast $595
T-840kti 2-4kg 7’0 1 Piece TVSD X-fast $595
T-850kti 2-5kg 7’1 1 Piece TVSD X-fast $595
T-860kti 1-5kg 7’2 1 Piece TVSD X-fast $595
T-870kti 3-6kg 7’0 1 Piece TVSD Fast $595