SneakySTIX are a range available only from pro dealer tackle shops.

The entire range is based on the popular CamoSTIX and X-Series, using the same blanks and reel seats but with black camo grips and alconite guides. The colour scheme is kept throughout the entire range using black alconite guides with black binding with pueter trim bindings to keep that stealthy feeling to the rod. By using different materials through the handles and limiting expensive metal components sneakySTIX costs have been reduced significantly.

For additional bling, upgrade to the sneakySTIX Pro. Based on the popular sneakySTIX range, the sneakySTIX Pro range now comes with upgraded Fuji K frame SIC guides. The base rod blank and handle still remain the same but with upgraded guides.

Rods in this Series


Model Line Kg Length Handle Action
MST56124 2-4kg 5’6 Short Fast
MST56125 2-5kg 5’6 Short Fast
MST56136 3-6kg 5’6 Short Fast
MST56147 4-7kg 5’6 Short Fast
MST56158 5-8kg 5’6 Short Fast
MST56610 6-10kg 5’6 Short Fast
CTS51047 4-7kg 5’10 Split Fast
CTS51058 5-8kg 5’10 Split Fast
CTS51610 6-10kg 5’10 Split Fast
CTS60125 2-5kg 6’0 Split Moderate
CTS60146 4-6kg 6’0 Split Moderate/fast
CTS60147 4-7kg 6’0 Split Moderate/fast
CTS60158 5-8kg 6’0 Split Moderate/fast
CTS60610 6-10kg 6’0 Split Moderate/fast
CTS62136 3-6kg 6’2 Split Moderate/Fast
CTS64135 3-6kg 6’4 Split Moderate/Fast


Model Line Kg Length Handle Action
CBS66136 3-6kg 6’6 Full Moderate/fast
CBS66147 4-7kg 6’6 Full Moderate/fast
CBS66510 5-10kg 6’6 Full Moderate/fast

Spin (SneakySTIX)

Model Line Kg Length Piece Handle Action
SSP56113 1-3kg 5’6 1 piece Short X Fast
SSP56124 2-4kg 5’6 1 piece Short Fast
SSP56125 2-5kg 5’6 1 piece Short Fast
SSP56136 3-6kg 5’6 1 piece Short Fast
SSP60124 2-4kg 6’0 1 piece Full Fast
SSP66124 2-4kg 6’6 1 piece Split Fast
SSP61015 1-5kg 6’10 1 piece Split Fast
SSP70114 1-4kg 7’0 1 piece Split Fast
SSP70125 2-5kg 7’0 1 piece Split Fast
SSP781 1-3kg 6’6 1 piece Split Fast
SSP782 2-4kg 6’6 1piece Split Fast
SSP841 1-3kg 7’0 1 piece Split Fast
SSP842 2-4kg 7’0 1 piece Split Fast
SSP66236 3-6kg 6’6 2 piece Split Fast
SSP8222 2-4kg 6’9 2 piece Split Fast
SSP8422 2-4kg 7’0 2 piece Split Fast
SSP8702 1-3kg 7’4 2 piece Split Fast