The Hystix series of bream sportsfishing rods are designed for all anglers that enjoy throwing light lures on ultra-sensitive rods. Whether fishing from shore, kayak or boat the Hystix range will have the rod you're after to suit your needs. The range features skeleton seats, black eva high density split grips and silver componentry with Fiji sic K series guides as standard. Available in 10 spinning models to suit all lure types and conditions. Scroll down for photo gallery and rod specifications.

Rods in this Series


Model Line Kg Length Piece
701 1-3kg 7’0 1 Piece
702 1-4kg 7’0 1 Piece
703 2-4kg 7’0 1 Piece
704 2-4kg 7’2 1 Piece
720 1-3kg 7’4 2 Piece
721 1-3kg 6’6 2 Piece
722 2-4kg 6’6 2 Piece
723 2-4kg 7’0 2 Piece